A Routine Day for a Tow Truck Driver

In order to offer 24/7 year-round service, a towing company operates a fleet of several tow trucks. Each truck is manned by a tow truck driver, a professional tow tech who has the necessary training and certification to ensure they can handle any towing assignment efficiently and safely. Tow truck drivers work in shifts, when on duty tow truck drivers must make themselves available 24/7. A call may come in from dispatch at any time, day or night. Once dispatch receives a call from someone in need of a tow they will contact the tow truck driver who is both in the vicinity and not currently engaged. The dispatch will advise the tow truck driver of the vehicle’s location and destination (where it needs to be towed to). Relevant details will also be given, such as the vehicle make and model and it’s driver’s cell phone number. Since fast response times are essential tow truck drivers will be on their way immediately. Once en route a tow truck driver will contact the driver waiting for the tow, confirm the info gotten from dispatch, and assure them they will be with them shortly. Once on spot a tow truck driver must take charge, load the towed vehicle quickly and then negotiate traffic until reaching the designated destination. There the towed vehicle is lowered and detached, the tow truck driver may have already been advised of their next assignment.